The Translator

Case + Study

+ Challenge

Edelman and Humana came to Futureman to assist in promoting the simplicity of enrolling in Humana health care insurance as well as in expressing the universal need for coverage. They wanted video assets produced that would debunk preconceived myths that health insurance is just for old people and that the enrollment process is extremely complicated, both of which we all know couldn’t be further from the truth.

+ Solution

Futureman cast, shot, and edited two web spots featuring the Translator, a modern day Priceline Negotiator-type of protagonist who would show up in each video, each time saving the day by either convincing viewers that health insurance coverage is important for everyone or by taking users through the simplicity of Humana’s online enrollment process.

+ results continues to feature both informative-yet-funny web spots, each garnering close to 200,000 views.

As for the Translator, well he has built quite an impressive following for himself amongst the ladies.


+ Production

+ casting

+ live action shooting

+ motion graphics

+ linear editing

+ sound design

+ color treatment

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