United Nations Foundation Website

Case + Study

+ Challenge

The United Nations Foundation came to us with a fundamental problem: their website was cluttered, a bit dated, their authoring capabilities lacking, and they needed a new presence to engage users, promote their campaigns, and evangelize the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

+ Solution

Futureman delivered a robust Discovery phase to streamline the site and tailor it to their primary audiences. We designed a beautiful new and intuitive concept for the website. And the team at Futureman delivered an easy to use, simple and flexible backend content management system to allow staff to easy update and maintain the website.

+ results

The website was revealed at the United Nations General Assembly in September of 2018, to high praise and extremely positive feedback. The site was able to promote real-time activities during the general assembly week in New York, and it continues to serve users with a clean and seamless experience to deliver them the information they desire, quickly and easily.

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